All Smiles for the new Dinner Menu at The Smile

March 23, 2017

The Smile on Bond Street has always been a go-to brunch spot when looking for somewhere to go in the NoHo area, but in my almost six years of living in NYC, I never tried their dinner menu. We went this past Tuesday and the restaurant was packed. When I walked through the door, I immediately smelt the amazing aromas in the kitchen and instantly got very, very hungry. Once we got to our table, we glanced at the menu (because, I obviously already did thorough research on what to get beforehand), and then asked the adorable waitress her recommendations – she had some good ones and I would have never thought to get the delicious pork belly and apple galette, if she didn’t mention how good it was.  


Here’s what else we got:


WARM CHICKPEAS & CARROTS: chickpea vinaigrette, greens, tarragon, pomegranate molasses



GRILLED FLATBREAD: pan-fried mushrooms, olive oil yogurt, herb salad


BRAISED PORK BELLY: apple, basil, gastrique, pepitas


TAGLIATELLE: eggplant ragu, tomato, fennel, oreganoZA'ATAR ROASTED


CHICKEN: slow cooked pear, ginger butter, harissa


BROWN SUGAR APPLE GALETTE: house made butter crust


Everything was delicious, the staff was the most friendly and helpful and the cozy and comfortable vibe is great for a causal weeknight dinner. I now can recommend The Smile for breakfast, lunch and dinner and give it a 10/10, the ultimate foodgasm! 


The Smile

26 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

(646) 329-5836

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