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Bottle & Bine, You Were More Than Fine

When I think about Turtle Bay, the first thing that pops into my head are those post-college years of bar hopping until 3AM and obnoxious frat boys standing outside every bar on Second Ave. Can’t remember the last time I “trecked” that far East for food when all of my favorite spots are on the West side, but I am glad I did because Bottle & Bine broke the neighborhood stereotype.

The less than one-month-old restaurant had a charming, yet hip feel upon entering and the host and bartenders were beyond welcoming. As expected from the name of the restaurant, the wine, beer and cocktail list was very extensive. Great because it had endless options, but a bit overwhelming if you’re indecisive!

After reading the Grubstreet review, I had somewhat of an idea of what to order, so we got the B&B cocktail with Spolóntequila, lime, agave, rosewater and Perelada cava. It was smooth, floral and you could taste the tequila, which is always a plus.

We started with the Shellfish and Stems with fregola, citrus sabayon and squid and the Beef Tartare with caper berries and heirloom carrots. The Shellfish and Stems was incredible from the sauce, to the presentation and the seafood was cooked to perfection.

My friend, who just lived in Paris for a few months described the Beef Tartare to be “Classic and true to France in Flavor and the crunchy texture of crisp carrots on the top made it unexpected and fun!”

We then got the Atlantic Halibut with butternut squash, crispy buckwheat and brown butter. It was savory, sweet and the halibut just melted my mouth. Also, how can you not get a dish with butternut squash, especially in the winter!

Now can I get a drumroll please for my favorite dish… the Beets Dumplings. They came with caramelized cabbage puree and roasted beets. I like beets probably as much as Doug Funny, but these dumplings didn’t even taste “beety” they tasted like candy, and I wish I could have more.

Everything was great, but my only complaint was the small portions and it was a bit pricey, but I knew that going into it.

Bottle & Bine, you hit the G-Spot so I give you a 9/10.



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