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Loving Vic's new Summer Brunch Menu

I've been a huge fan of Vic's since its opening a few year ago and it's one of my go-to spots when I am craving pasta and don't want to spend a fortune. I've been for my birthday, Valentine's Day and Girl's Night Out, but last week was the first time going in for brunch, and I am excited to say that Hillary Sterling did an equally amazing job with their new Summer Brunch menu.

We sat in the cozy back room by the kitchen, which is an open white space with great natural sun light (a food bloggers dream!). To start, she brought out these beautiful Bloody Mary's - my favorite was the "Bloody Rosie". I am not the biggest Bloody Mary girl, but this one was pretty good!

Vic’s Bloody Mary: Soffritto Vodka, House Bloody, Black & Green Olive

Red Snapper: Basil Gin, House Bloody, Calabrian Chili-Salt Rim

Bloody Rosie: Por Siempre Sotol, House Bloody, Paprika Pepper Salt Rim

Here's a rundown of the food:

Lemon Scone, Rhubarb & Fennel Pollen

Sugar Snap Peas, Seeds, Bulgur, Anchovy & Chili

Crispy Sweet Onions, Dried Tomato & Parmigiano

Baked eggs, San Marzano Tomato, Ricotta & Calabrian Chilies

Borsa “little purse”, Ricotta, Hazelnut, Lemon

And for dessert....

Rainbow Cake!!

The meal highlights were definitely the Crispy Sweet Onions, Sugar Snap Peas, Baked Eggs and Borsa Pasta. We also got a Brisket Burger & Chicken dish and both were very tasty, but didn't photograph well. Every visit to Vic's has always been consistently delicious. I always leave full without feeling disgusting since Sterling uses so many natural and fresh ingredients. This visit (and every visit) to Vic's gives me the ultimate foodgasm, so they are getting a well-deserved 10/10.


31 Great Jones Street

New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 253-5700



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