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Midtown.. Your Restaurants are Getting Better! Meet Rag Trader.

I usually try to avoid midtown at all costs - especially during business and dining hours. Aside from Friedman's and Keens Steakhouse, there's really nothing great in the 30's, until now! Rag Trader and their downstairs piano lounge Bo Peep opened earlier in the year. I was intrigued to check it out, but the area of town discouraged me. After reading about all the hype and seeing the droolworthy Instagram posts, I decided to give it a shot.

The space is absolutely gorgeous. There is a beautiful bar when you walk in and then a few dining rooms, decorated a little differently from the other. We sat all the way in the back in a room with adorable hat trunks from the 1920's (see below). The cocktail menu was very impressive. I loved the Red Dawn (Vodka/Ginger/Spiced Pomegranate/Citrus Soda) and El Guapo (Tequila/Cucumber/Chili/Lime/Agave).

Now for the food! Here's what we got:

BURRATA: Roasted Tomato/Basil/Vincotto

TUNA TARTARE: Togarashi Wonton Chips/Sesame/Tamari/Ginger/Red Onion/Avocado

MARGHERITA: Mozzarella/Basil/San Marzano Tomato

CRISPY SKIN SALMON: Black Rice/Green Coconut Curry/Crispy Ginger/Cashew

ROASTED HALF CHICKEN: Squash/Caramelized Onion/Jalapeño/Sage/Mustard & Rye Jus


Everything was incredible! I'd call out favorite dishes, but everything was our favorite! Rag Trader was the ultimate foodgasm and gets a 10/10. I popped downstairs to check out Bo Peep, and it was a beautiful, intimate setting. I definitely want to host a private event here one day and encourage everyone to check it out!

Rag Trader

70 W 36th Street

New York, NY 10018

(917) 261-5495


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