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Williamsburg takes Eats and the City’s virginity thanks to Zizi Limona

So I’ve been to Williamsburg many times, but not since I’ve started Eats and the City, so I had to start fresh and thought Zizi Limona would be the perfect place to begin my journey into the boroughs. Most of my restaurant reviews have not been the healthiest, so after studying Zizi’s Mediterranean menu, I figured I’d take advantage of some of the low-cal options. There were also a ton of gluten-free items, which is always a plus for my non-bread-eating friends. We sat outside on a beautiful summer night as we sipped Le Chapeau Pinot Noir. Here’s a rundown of what we got and how the menu was divided up:

SMALL ZI’S Trio of three:

Aunt Trippo’s Falafel: pickled cabbage, curry yogurt, charred onion, tomato salsa

Grilled Beets: feta, date honey, scallions

Hummus and Pita

**This hummus was very good, but I ordered eggplant; however, made the mistake of not saying anything, so we ate it.


Grilled Artichoke & Cauliflower: cherry tomato, garlic confit, Greek yogurt tahini

** This was DELICIOUS -- that tahini sauce was to die for and the cauliflower and artichokes were cooked to perfection


Zizi Hummus: grilled seasonal veggies, chickpea

**At this point I was “hummus-ed out”. The overall flavor was very plain, and nothing special. The veggies were overcooked, to the point they were mushy. I would not have put this under a classic dish.


Grilled Wild Salmon: chickpea stew, grilled artichokes, kalamata, spinach, tomato salsa, yogurt

**The salmon gets an A+. I wasn't expecting more cauliflower because it wasn't on the menu, but it was still excellent.

Zizi Limona is a great affordable and casual spot for a date or quick catch up with friends. Most dishes were yummy, but some items were a little plain, especially the Zizi Hummus with grilled seasonal veggies. I thought that’d be one of the highlights since it was under “Classic Zi’s”! The menu featured a lot of similar items, so personally I think it could have used a little more variety. The Salmon, Cauliflower and Falafel were delicious, so I would definitely go back for those items. On the #foodtosexratio scale, I give it a 7/10.

Zizi Limona

129 Havemeyer Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

(347) 763-1463


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