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OIJI the new OG in town

I seem to have a thing for fancy Korean food these days, but something about Oiji makes me want to have it at least once a week. How could Oiji not be good with co-founder/chefs Brian Kim and Tae Kyung Ku's extensive resume? The restaurant's refined authentic Korean fare was fantastic, but the cozy and intimate atmosphere is what will get me to trek down to the east village on a freezing winter night. The staff was so friendly and advised what the best things were on the menu, which was super helpful because everything looked good. For three people we got six dishes (and they were tiny, so don't think I'm a fat-ass). Here's a rundown of what we got:

Beef Tartare with Ramp Aioli

Slow Cooked Baby Octopus with Butter Gochujang

Fried Chicken with spicy soy vinaigrette

Jang-Jo-Rim with buttered rice and soft boiled egg

Handmade Beef Dumplings in White Beef Broth

Truffle Seafood broth with sizzling crispy rice

As expected Oiji gets a high rating of 9/10. It hit the g-spot in so many ways, but I don't want to eat and tell too much, so make your reservation ASAP.


119 1st Avenue

New York, NY 10003

(646) 767-9050


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