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Shay & Ivy Welcome to Flatiron

Every week, a new restaurant opens (or closes) in the Flatiron area. When it closes, I'm not surprised, and when it opens, I'm always intrigued. I try to wait a few weeks after the hype to read other reviews and get opinions to see if the restaurant is worth it. A few friends told me about Shay & Ivy and I was immediately excited about the vast menu options and indoor garden-esq décor. We finally went this past Friday night during peak hour, and I was shocked the restaurant was only 60% full. The space was beautiful -- I can definitely envision a future press event or bridal shower here. We ordered a lot of food (based on recommendations) so we could try to taste a little bit of everything. Here's what we got:

Smashed Avocado Toast: Cocoa Nibs, Pomegranate Seeds, Crushed Pistachio

Confit Duck Spring Roll: Pickled Mango, Red Cabbage, Ginger Ponzu
Burrata & Buttercup Squash: Baby Arugula, Maple Cider Reduction, Candied Pecans

Hand-Packed Vegetable Burger: Quinoa, Black Bean, Fontina, House Ketchup, Crispy Onions, Potato Onion Bun, House Salad

Spice Rubbed Yellowfin Tuna: Uni Rice Wine Vinaigrette, Sea Bean Edamame Puree, Japanese Eggplant, Snap Beans

Macaroni & Cheese: Sweet Potato, Aged White Cheddar, Applewood Bacon, Mushrooms

Assorted Ice Cream (Cherry?!), Cookie Crumble, Banana Caramel, Hot Fudge

For the restaurant not being that busy, the service was super slow and they forgot the Mac and Cheese. We had to have dessert and of course we're craving Ice Cream, even though it was 30 degrees out, so we got the sundae, and it tasted like cherry cough syrup! The veggie burger was just OK - it may have been homemade, but tasted like I could have bought at Trader Joe's. Highlights on the menu included: the Avocado Toast, Duck Spring Rolls, Squash and Burrata and the Tuna entree. The Mac and Cheese was good too, but there were too many sweet potatoes inside.

Overall Shay & Ivy gets a 6/10. Some things were pretty good, but I really wasn't into the veggie burger and dessert. Their waitstaff needs to get it together too! I do have to say the place had very moderately priced dishes and is a great scene for group dinners or private events in the back room.

Shay & Ivy

39 W 24th Street

New York, NY 10010

(646) 666-8635


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