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San Carlo Osteria Piemonte Arrives in the Heart of Soho

One of the busiest nights for restaurants all over the world is Valentine’s Day, so I snagged a reservation at San Carlo in SoHo a few weeks in advance to make sure my man could have a nice Italian meal.

San Carlo honors the age-old traditions of Northern Italy's Piedmont region in a warm, rustic setting. On Valentine’s Day they only offered a prix fixe menu – one at $60 and another at $80. Usually prix fixe menus highlight the best from the chef, so it’s nice to sample a little of everything.

Between my boyfriend and I, we made sure to order different items to have some diversity. Here’s what we got:


Ricotta Cake with Herbs, Butternut Squash, Shaved Guanaja Chocolate and Black Truffle

The Ricotta cake was unbelievable – one of the most incredible apps I’ve ever had. We savored every bite like it was our last!


Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms

The risotto was very good, but definitely could have had some more mushrooms.


Blue Point Oyster, Shallots, Sherry Vinegar, Ginger & Tempura and Avocado

I am addicted to Oysters and loved how unique the toppings were on this dish.


Black Grouper, Artichoke Salad, Raspberry & Shallots Composte and Potatoes

The fish was pretty good and the potatoes were delicious! I usually love anything with artichokes, but this side salad lacked flavor a bit.


Choco Passion by the Chef

The dessert was the perfect end to a romantic Valentine’s Day meal – the chocolate covered strawberries added a nice touch and the chocolate cake tasted like a Twix!

I’ve learned over the years that most restaurants have prix fixe menus on Valentine’s Day, but I was hoping to try some things that customers could get on a daily basis. I was a bit bummed that there were no pasta options, but guess that means I have to go back soon. San Carlo Osteria Piemonte – you get an 8/10!

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte

90 Thompson Street

New York, NY 10012



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