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Loring Place is not a Boring Place

Funny enough when typing the name of the restaurant to friends it auto corrects to either Boring Place or Losing Place, and both could not be more ironic or false. Building from his roots at Union Square Cafe and ABC Kitchen, Dan Kluger takes seasonal cooking to the next level. The space and ambiance is very intimate with a little bit of a trendy edge. There's a beautiful private room downstairs for events and special occasions that I definitely want to book one day.

We ate at the front of the restaurant and we're able to capture some natural light from 8th Street. As we waited for friends, we tried the House Red wine, which was a Cabernet Franc - really delicious! I was starving and asked for bread, but unfortunately it's not complimentary and they only serve bread accompanied by one of the spreads (one of my biggest pet peeves - I'm going to be spending a lot of money here, please just give me one slice of bread while I wait for my friends!). I was hangry, and got one of the spreads while we waited:

Here's what we got:


TUNA TARTARE sunchokes, tarragon and ginger

CRISPY, SPICED CAULIFLOWER with meyer lemon jam and chilies

GEMELLI with Maine crab meat, lemon, jalapeños and mint

PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM ricotta, mozzarella, cherry peppers and oregano

The spread was well worth the $11, but I still hold my opinion that all restaurants, especially nice ones, should allow you to have a complimentary slice of bread while you wait for your dishes. The spread took a good 30-40 minutes once we ordered.

After that the food came out pretty quickly. Everything was delicious, but my two favorites were the tuna tartare and mushroom pizza! One of my friends just started a vegan Instagram account, p.s.itsvegan, and the menu had a ton of options for her! Follow her to see what else she got at Loring Place!

Overall, I give the restaurant an 8/10. Everything we got was delicious. I definitely want to come back for brunch! I'll make sure to not come so hangry next time, but really hope they will be more lenient with the bread situation.


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