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The 10 Best Omakase Spots in NYC

By: Lauren Grossman and Leah Weingarten 

If you've been following my almost-year-long food journey, you'll know that my favorite cuisine is Japanese, and if I was stuck on a desert island and could only pick one food, it would be sushi (hoping I would still get the option to pick from a variety of fish). When I was first introduced Omakase tastings, I was like "Oma-god, this is expensive!" but as I began to appreciate the value of fresh fish and the skill of the sushi chefs, that large price tag became justified, and I officially turned into a sushi snob. Over the past few months, I got a chance to try some incredible places (some with a little help from my friend Leah), each with unique dishes and pieces unlike the others. We're not going to rate one better than the next, so please enjoy a guide of some of our favorites in the city.

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