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Han Dynasty – The Greatest Chinese Dynasty in all of Manhattan

With all of the Chinese restaurants in NYC (especially with an entire neighborhood dedicated to Chinese food), I always flock to Han. I hate that the East Village location is always busy and that I have to go there at 5pm or 10:30pm in order to not wait for a table, but I guess they can’t help that they are so popular.

Low and behold, they recognized their extreme popularity and decided to seek shop on the Upper West Side. This restaurant is triple the size AND takes reservations! I didn’t know about the reservations until I got there, so there was still a wait, but we got a seat at the bar right away, which was first come first serve.

Like any other Han visit, we started with the Dan Dan Noodles. I didn’t know about Dan Dan noodles until I tried Han a few years ago and have tried to get them at other authentic Chinese places, but NOTHING compares. They are just foodgasmic!

We then split the Wonton Soup, which was perfect for a snowy NYC night. The best part is that the wontons are in chicken broth.

Next we got the Spring Rolls, which are always crispy on the outside and hot, savory and tasty on the inside! I also love their duck sauce.

For our entrée, we got the Chicken with Garlic Sauce, which was sweet, sour and spicy all in one bite. It comes with bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms and bell peppers. It’s sooooo good!

Han Dynasty is the ultimate foodgasm from start to finish. Congratulations – you get a 10/10. The food is delicious and as authentic as it gets when you can’t make it to Queens or Chinatown. All of the dishes are well priced and well portioned. The staff is always so friendly and personable too.

I am a creature of habit when it comes to Han, so I would love to know what else is good! Feel free to leave any comments on what I should order when I visit next!



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