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Sushi Seki At Last!

I’ve always had my go-to neighborhood sushi spots and have never felt the urge to venture out of my comfort zone, especially when I know something is convenient, fresh and semi-affordable. Sushi Seki has been on my forever-growing restaurant list for years, so when I got the opportunity to finally go I was beyond excited.

We went to the one in Hells Kitchen, and booked an Omakase tasting at the Kappo Bar. The newest, bi-level space features two different ambiances: a casual dining room with an open kitchen downstairs, and a more private dining experience upstairs. When you walk upstairs, you are greeted by a gorgeous whiskey and sake bar and then down the hallway lies three Tatami rooms. At the end of the floor there are a few other tables and the 13-seat sushi bar (where we sat). The Tatami rooms were super cute, but honestly, if you’re going to come to Sushi Seki, you have to sit at the sushi bar and indulge in the Omakase.

The staff was super friendly upon arrival and attentive all night long.

We started with a miso soup and edamame and then did the sashimi and nigiri Omakase tasting. The sashimi came out on a beautiful platter and the Nigiri came out piece by piece. Each piece of sushi was different and uniquely prepared than anything I have ever tasted.

Here’s the Sashimi platter (left to right):

  • Kampachi with Jalapeno Mousse

  • Chu Toro

  • Yaki Salmon

  • Squid with Plum Sauce

  • Horse Mackerel (middle)

I wasn’t able to capture all of the pieces of sushi because some things had to be eaten immediately so it wouldn’t lose flavor, so here were some of the highlights:

Chopped Toro

Sautéed Bean Curd with Tuna

Little Snapper

Seared King Salmon with Jalepeno Mousse, Spicy Mayo and Sriracha

Salmon with Torched Tomatoes

Fluke Tempura with Bluefin Tuna, Micro Cilantro and Truffle Oil

The nigiri round ended with an incredible Spicy Scallop hand roll, but I ate it right out of the chef’s hands, so it was crisp and fresh (sorry no pics).

Finally the Omakase concluded with a phenomenal dessert – Matcha Crème Brûlée, Vanilla Mochi and Strawberries with Strawberry Syrup – my sister said the Matcha Crème Brûlée was the best she ever had.

I am excited to say that Sushi Seki definitely “Hit the G-Spot” and gets a 9/10 on the #foodtosexratio scale. The creations were very inventive, and I am still drooling over the the signature Fluke Tempura and Truffle Tuna piece. I highly recommend it and hope to come back soon!

Sushi Seki Hells Kitchen

365 W 46th St

New York, NY 10036

(212) 262-8880


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