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Neta Takes Omakase to the Max

I’ve tried a few good omakase tastings recently, but Neta exceeded expectations and took my past experiences to the next level. The 40 seater located in Greenwich Village is super cozy and what’s cool is 20 out of the 40 seats are at the sushi bar.

Executive Chef, Sungchul Shim brings a unique combination of Western and Eastern influences as he crafts exciting and innovative Japanese dishes to complement a menu of innovative nigiri.

We had the opportunity to try the 20-something course menu, accompanied by delicious sake. Here’s a rundown of everything we got:

Hirame: Hirame abduri, daikon salad, sweet chili dashi, tempura flake and chive

Oden: Spice fishcakes, chilled summer truffle dashi, corn and crispy forbidden rice

Toro & Caviar: Blue fin toro tartar, Ostera sturgeon caviar and white milk bread toast

Snob Crab: Grilled snow crab with miso tofu cream, marinated saffron mushroom and micro cilantro

Scallop: Grilled Scallop with Maitake Mushroom, mistsuba topped with Santa Barbara Uni

Nama Yuba Salmon: King Salmon Sashimi, house-made yuba, wasabi tobiko, soy poached

honshimeji mushroom and ume-yuzo kosho sauce

Wagyu: Grilled A5 grade Miyazaki wagyu beef steak and shio kombu butter

Robusta: Wok fried lobster, onion, dried chillies

Kobe: Snake River Farms kobe beef katsu, Hokkaido uni and ginger-kurozu glaze

Sake: Sansho pepper spiced salmon tartar, crispy puffed quinoa, shoyu ikura, ito katsuo shaved bonito, daikon pickles and roasted garlic-wasabi

Uni: Hokkaido uni porridge, summer truffle, mocha rice and mitsuba

Sushi: Chef Choice (highlights below):

Seared Scallop topped with Santa Barbara Uni

Toro Tartar, Caviar and Gold Flakes

Horse Mackerel with Tempura Flakes

Torched Salmon

Ebi and Uni

Monaka: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, huckleberry-strawberry marmaladeand monaka rice wafer

Favorite Dishes: Toro & Caviar, Uni Porridge, Kobe Beef & Uni, Robusta, Uni & Scallop and Horse Mackerel

Neta gets a 9/10 and is definitely high-up on the “NYC must-go Omakase tasting” list. The dishes were beyond tasty, innovative and the service was phenomenal. The best part.. UNI and CAVIAR OVERLOAD. They do not hold back with the Uni and Caviar. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but well worth it.


61 W 8th Street

New York, NY 10011

(212) 505-2610


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